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Changes to Jobs Ordered

At Big Rhino Crane Hire we understand the importance of having your jobs completed on time and with the utmost efficiency. Due to this this we have a couple of suggestions to keep things moving ahead as smoothly as possible and in a timely manner. In order for us to help you with this we ask you to please communicate with us at any time of the day should you  need to make any last minute changes.

Below are some examples of changes that we would like communicated  with us:

  • Change of delivery times for goods to be lifted.
  • Possible hold ups in being ready for the job required.
  • If the volume of work should change in any way for example less to be done or in some cases more work.
  • If your delivery truck is late arriving.

We understand these things can be beyond your control and we endeavour to provide you with the highest service possible. Please be mindful that the smallest of things can alter crane arrival times for yourself and our other customers. With upfront and open communication we can minimise the affect such changers will have on your job. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to continually providing you with the outstanding service you have come to expect  from us.

If you have any changes please call  us directly on 0434 243 151 Big Rhino Crane Hire – the leaders in crane hire Brisbane

Power Lines

Here at Big Rhino Crane Hire safety is paramount for our workers and everybody on site. Please take into consideration the following requirements for working near powerlines. Approach distances for all types of Mobile Cranes including Slew Cranes & Frannas;
  • Up to and including 132,000 volts 3.0 meters
  • Above 132,000 up to 330,000 volts 6.0 meters
  • Above 330,000 volts 8.0 meters
This includes all parts of the crane, lifting gear and any load which the crane is required to lift. These are QLD Workplace minimum requirements for safe operation near power lines. Please keep in mind the Mobile Crane or object being moved DOES NOT have to come into direct contact with power lines to deliver an electric shock. FLASHOVER or ARC can occur by close approach to lines. Any operations inside these guidelines require a qualified electrical spotter and possibly having the lines de-energized. Weather conditions can also have a large impact on working safely near power lines including rain and wind, these may cause lines and the load being carried to move inadvertently. Rain can also increase the chance for flash overs. For further information please feel free to contact us directly on 0434 243 151 or our office on (07) 3893 2057


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