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12t Franna

Our 12t and 20t Franna are the pick and carry cranes of our business. While the reach difference between the two is very minimal, the difference between them can be significant. Our 12t Franna while it is the smallest Franna, don’t let its size fool you, with only a width of Its capapable of getting into places that the 20t Franna can’t and being able to lift a comfortable 7t it’s defiantly not to be overlooked. Lifting such things as site sheds/containers, small plant/machinery, cars, trusses/wall frames and everything in between. It can reach up to 15.4m while lifting 1t this is the go to Franna for lighter lifts and tighter jobs.

20t Franna

Our 20t Franna is the muscle of our pick and carry cranes. This tough guy is made to lift the heavier things our 12t Franna can’t. Lifting a comfortable 10t but capable of more depending on the size of the load, this crane does jobs such as concrete tanks/panels, plant, factory machines, truck bodies and a vast amount of other unique lifts plus all standard construction lifts like trusses, flooring and blocks. The manoeuvrability of the Frannas is exceptional and with only a height of 3.1 high they can get in and around factories without to much trouble and makes jobs that are hard for for you relatively easy. The two often work together contructing massive sheds or doing dual lifts making them as great asset to the Big Rhino Team.

16t Citycrane

Our 16t crane is the working horse of our fleet. With a 6x6meter footprint and 25m of live boom and a 5m fly attachment, this smaller size All Terrain Crane is capable of a wide scope of jobs ranging from but defiantly not limited to house blocks, trusses and roofing, ventilation and air conditioners, steel erection, sound barriers, these are just a few examples of the type of work this crane does. With the fly attachment in place this small but amazing crane can reach up to a massive 27.4m while lifting 300kgs. This crane gets booked out days in advance because of its ability and size, so please give as much notice as possible to secure this crane when you need it as it is very popular and for good reason.

20T Citycrane

This is a 20T Citycrane, like the 16T Citycrane with a very unique footprint of 6x 5.5 and a reach of 28 metres and with the fly on it gets an extra 5.8 giving it a total of 33.8 metres of Boom. It fits into very tight spaces with such a small foot print and with a very long reach. This city crane is always in high demand because of its Unique Capabilities.

25t Slew Crane

The 25t Truck mount crane or slew crane is the biggest crane with currently own and is also very popular with our clients. Able to put blocks up to 21m depending on weight it gets them a lot further than what our 16t All Terrain Crane can. It has 31m of live boom and also a fly attachment of 8 meters which can have an offset of 30 degrees making it capable of getting lifts up high and away from the edge of buildings and can reach up to 33m in radius. This cranes specialty consists of long roof sheets, higher buildings than 6 stories, blocks, steel erection, and also general construction lifts like trusses, formwork and scaffolding. It has a footprint of 7×5.4m and an overall length of 13m, it does require a fair amount of room over the 16t All Terrain Crane to setup but makes up for that with the weight it can lift at a further distance. This crane is always reliable and it’s currently undergoing a makeover to suit the rest of our cranes, however this does not stop it working as we make time to do this outside of its work hours.

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