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At Big Rhino Crane Hire, we bring exceptional crane hire services right to your project’s doorstep. Our family-owned and managed company is backed by an impressive legacy of over forty years in the lifting and rigging industry.

A boom in Redbank Plains’ development has led to a growing need for dependable crane hire services—a need that Big Rhino Crane Hire is more than equipped to meet.

We are committed to delivering top-notch crane hire solutions at prices that make sense for our clients. Our fleet is versatile enough to tackle any challenge, be it navigating through confined spaces or operating on uneven terrain. 

Redbank Plains Crane Hire: Reliable Solutions for All Your Lifting Needs

At Big Rhino Crane Hire, we stand ready to meet all your lifting demands with unparalleled professionalism and expertise.

What sets us apart? It’s not just our robust equipment, but our team of skilled operators who bring a wealth of knowledge to each job. It is also the understanding that planning is key to success. That’s why we offer complimentary site inspections to ensure we provide the most efficient and safe crane solution tailored to your specific project requirements.

Trust in Big Rhino Crane Hire for all your lifting needs in Redbank Plains.

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Select the Ideal Crane Hire Service for Your Redbank Plains Endeavor

Are you pondering over which crane to hire for your project in Redbank Plains?

It’s essential to recognize that cranes vary significantly in their lifting capabilities and reach. Opting for a crane that aligns with your project’s specific needs will be an efficient and cost-effective solution.

At Big Rhino, we’re well-versed in the intricate details of crane functionality. Our approach is to thoroughly understand your project’s unique requirements and provide the best crane to suit your needs.

Our Equipment - Meet the Fleet

When you choose Big Rhino, you’re choosing to hire the very best cranes in the industry.

Get in touch with Big Rhino today to ask how we can assist with your upcoming projects. We are the specialists when it comes to franna cranes, city cranes, slew and crawler cranes.

Call us today for a free quote. 

large crane hire brisbane

12 tonne
Franna crane

This crane is used to lift things like site sheds, containers, small machinery, trusses, wall frames and everything in between. This is the go to crane for lighter lifts and tighter jobs.

franna crane 20T brisbane

20 tonne
Franna crane

The 20T franna crane is the muscle of our pick and carry cranes, designed to lift the heavier things our 12t Franna can't. This crane does jobs such as concrete tanks, factory machines and truck bodies.

city crane trucks

16 tonne
City crane

Our 16t City crane is the most commonly hired in our fleet. This compact sized crane is capable of a wide range of tasks, reaching up to a massive 27.4 m with a weight lifting capacity of 300kgs.

20T Citycrane hire Brisbane

20 tonne
City crane

Popular for tight spaces because of its minor foot print and long reach. This crane is constantly in demand for hire, because of its unique capabilities.

slew crane brisbane

20 tonne
Slew Crane

The largest crane in our fleet. An all-terrain cranes ideal for long roof sheets, structures taller than 6 storeys, blocks, and general construction lifts.

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Redbank Plains is 11.9 kilometres by road from the Ipswich CBD and approximately 34.2 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD. Redbank Plains is 7.17 kilometres North West from Springfield Central. Redbank was named by Major Edmund Lockyer in September 1825 due to the red soil on the bank of the Brisbane River.

We also offer our services to surrounding suburbs, including:

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