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Big Rhino Crane Hire is a professional Brisbane Crane company, operating at the highest level in the Queensland area. Our quality services are offered by the best dogmen in the Brisbane and Locan region, guaranteeing professional, quality service and attention to detail. As a result, we have offered our lift services to individuals and companies operating in several industries, from construction to transport to mining. 

When you are in need of lift services, Big Rhino Crane Hire is the company to call upon. 

While we have a sizable fleet of cranes and trucks, franna cranes have a high demand from our clients across Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast. These smaller mobile cranes offer the manoeuvrability that larger cranes lack while not compromising in power. Our clients are usually shocked when they see franna cranes lift some heavy loads. Due to their small size, franna cranes can easily maneuver in a tight space, making them ideal for residential or commercial jobs in the city. 

For pick and carry services for almost any terrain and job site in Brisbane, call us today and request for our franna crane hire Brisbane service. 

Affordable and risk-free franna crane hire solutions

There is a certain type of risk that is always associated with crane hire projects. It therefore goes without saying that you can’t just hire any company. In this industry that we operate in, it is always advised to get it right the first time. There have been cases of damage to property and injuries in the past. 

To avoid that, hire a company with the experience and industry knowledge when it comes to safety standards and protocols. Our company adheres to each and every protocol provided for by the local authorities. In addition, we perform comprehensive pre-inspections of every site before the actual D-day. 

No need to look up for lifting and rigging companies on the internet. Call upon the experts at Big Rhino Crane Hire. All operators in our company are experienced, qualified and well-trained, ensuring your project is finished in a timely manner and at no extra expense and risk both to you and your neighbors. 

Call us today and receive a free quote. All our services are charged competitively at market rate, making them affordable across all budgets.  

The Franna crane hire Brisbane service provider for your construction, lifting and rigging project 

We take great pride in being the best crane hire service in the area. With our diverse fleet of mobile cranes including rough terrain, all terrain and franna cranes, our operators are available on a 24/ 7 basis to respond to your call. 

And in case of an emergency at your project site, our mobile cranes are designed and allowed to use public roads. Wherever you are in the Brisbane area, we can easily make our way to you. 

All our trucks and equipment are the best in the industry and are well-maintained. 

Not sure of which crane you need for your Brisbane City project? Not sure whether to request for the 20T or 25T crane? You are not the first client to be in such a dilemma. Contact the Qld crane experts at Big Rhino. Our experienced dogmen will help you select the best city crane or slew crane for the job.  


  1. I loved it when you said that hiring a company with the experience and industry knowledge when it comes to safety standards and protocols. We have plans to construct an office building for commercial purposes. Good to know this article gives us the full idea on how to avail for the best crane operation service in the country.

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