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There’s no doubt about it, is a progressing region. With new building developments and construction sites appearing all the time, there is an ever-increasing need for reliable crane solutions.

When it comes to superior crane hire, prefers Big Rhino.

Family owned and operated, the team at Big Rhino has over forty years of lifting and rigging experience. We pride ourselves on offering high quality crane solutions at competitive rates– no task is too big or minor. Whether it’s a limited space or rough terrain, we have the crane to match any circumstance.

Big Rhino knows cranes. We are dedicated to understanding the complex demands of each lift and guarantee effective solutions, every time. Our tailored service will certainly meet the precise needs of your lift.

As locals, we consider ourselves to be part of the community and always make every effort to offer competitive market prices. Our pick and carry solutions are the most cost effective in the area.

want an economical crane hire solution for your project?

Contact the crane hire professionals at Big Rhino, for a complimentary quote. We can make your next lift the perfect lift.

Crane Hire in

Are you in and looking for a dependable crane hire solution? We can assist.

Big Rhino delivers superior lifting and rigging solutions right across the area, including North Lakes, Pimpama, Springfield Lakes and Redland Bay.

With over forty years of experience in the market and a good sized fleet of high quality cranes, there is no terrain that we can not handle. Whether it’s a complex lift on a business construction site or a simple residential job, we have the crane solution to satisfy your needs.

Our experienced operators will even do a site assessment of your project, for free. Call Big Rhino Crane Hire today for your free quote.

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Mobile Crane Hire,

Need a lift for a limited space? Hiring a mobile crane could be the best solution for you.

Mobile cranes are known for their adaptability, minimal setup time and ease of transportation. While a larger crane could have a hard time accessing a site, a mobile crane can easily fit without compromising its lifting performance.

Need a crane to lift bulky furniture into your apartment? Wanting to have a spa lifted onto your porch?

The team at Big Rhino Crane Hire is proud to use a range of mobile crane hire solutions. Each mobile crane in our fleet is the very best that the market has to offer.

Selecting the Right Crane for the Job

Not sure which crane to hire for your Qld construction project?

Different cranes have different abilities in terms of maximum lifts, reach, and compatibility with various other equipment. If you choose a crane with the wrong capacity or reach, it can cost you both money and time.

The team at Big Rhino recognizes the complex technicalities involved in crane operation. We’ll pay attention to your individual needs and recommend the most appropriate crane for the task.

Our Equipment - Meet the Fleet

When you go with Big Rhino, you’re choosing to hire the very best cranes in the market.

Contact Big Rhino today to ask exactly how we can aid with your upcoming projects. We are the professionals when it comes to franna cranes, city cranes, slew and crawler cranes.

Call us now for a complimentary quote. We can recommend the best crane hire solution for you.

large crane hire brisbane

12 tonne
Franna crane

This crane is employed to lift things like site sheds, containers, compact machinery, trusses, wall frames and everything in between. This is the go to crane for lighter lifts and tighter jobs.

franna crane 20T brisbane

20 tonne
Franna crane

This is the muscle of our pick and carry cranes, created to lift the larger things our 12t Franna can't. This crane does jobs such as concrete vats, factory machines and motortruck bodies.

city crane trucks

16 tonne
City crane

Our 16t City crane is the most commonly hired in our fleet. This compact size crane is capable of a vast scope of tasks, reaching up to a massive 27.4 m with a weight lifting capacity of 300kgs.

20T Citycrane hire Brisbane

20 tonne
City crane

Popular for tight areas, because of its minor foot print and long reach. This crane is always sought after for hire, due to its special capabilities.

slew crane brisbane

20 tonne
Slew Crane

The biggest crane in our fleet. An all-terrain cranes suitable for very long roof sheets, structures taller than 6 floors, blocks, steel erection, and standard construction lifts.

Why do residents prefer our crane hire/crane rigging solutions?

We are the leading crane hire business in . Right here are just a few reasons why:

Experienced operators

Every operator on our team is a qualified expert, with a wide range of experience and market knowledge.

Sizeable fleet of cranes readily available

All equipment in our fleet is well maintained and adheres to the necessary regulations.

OH & S compliant

We operate based on Qld and Australian safety regulations/ safety standards at all times.

Conformity with
safety methods and measures

Our safety management systems are the best in .

Competitive rate

We offer an economical solution to Qld companies and individuals looking for a budget friendly crane hire solution.

100% satisfaction for our customers

No 2 tasks and lifts are the same. Big Rhino personalizes its lifts to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Crane Hire Trusts

Need a dependable crane hire solution for your next lift?

When it comes to crane hire companies, Big Rhino has got all your lifting needs covered.
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As the primary crane hire business in , we are the professionals to call for all your lifting jobs. With our trustworthy fleet of mobile cranes, franna cranes, crawler cranes, slew cranes and city cranes, we can aid with any lift, any size.

Big Rhino is proud to offer a professional crane hire solution at an affordable expense. Call and book one of our free site inspections today.

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